• Pressemitteilung zusammen mit Mainova, SWH und Hochschule RheinMain, 19.02.2015

    EU.jpg Gemeinsames Wasserstoff-Demonstrationsprojekt zeigt: Strom aus Wind- und Sonnenenergie lässt sich speichern

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  • Power to Gas for Hamburg

    Windgas.jpg SolviCore is project partner --> Link to the website

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  • E.ON Hanse Pressemitteilung, 8. April 2013

    eon.jpg Power-to-Gas bei E.ON Hanse in Hamburg: Konsortium aus Wissenschaft und Technik startet Innovationsprojekt

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  • Press Release, 17th September 2012

    greenerityKThumb.jpg SolviCore launches GreenerityTM product line at Solvay’s Event during European Hydrogen Road Tour 2012 --> available in EN and DE

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  • Solvay Press release, 06 February 2012

    Lillo_web2.jpg Solvay has successfully commissioned the largest PEM fuel cell in the world at Solvin's Antwerp plant

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SolviCore GmbH & Co. KG was founded on July 1st, 2006 by its parent companies Umicore and Solvay. The 50-50 joint venture is based in Hanau, at Umicore´s main R&D site in Germany. SolviCore currently employs more than 50 people in research, development, production and sales of membrane electrode assemblies (MEA) and related compounds, to be used in fuel cells (FC) applications.


Within its product line GreenerityTM, SolviCore develops and supplies products for four different applications: hydrogen-, reformate- and direct-methanol fuel cells as well as for PEM-water-electrolysis. These components for fuel cells are manufactured on specially developed or adapted pilot production lines.

Umicore and Solvay, two global industrial groups which respectively enjoy a global leading position in precious metal catalysts and polymer technology, have the ambition to play a major role in the development of fuel cell technology through SolviCore. The joint venture will be built on these core competencies and the experience of ten years of development in the area of fuel cell technology. SolviCore can also draw on Umicore`s world-leading position in metals management and precious metal recycling (closed loop concept), which will be required to control the cost of fuel cell products in the future.


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